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I'm Reeni. I'm a tree hugging hippy who loves 90's grunge music. I am an activist, feminist and a photographer. I have always had a deep empathy and compassion for animals my whole life which inevitably led me to a vegan lifestyle around ten years ago. 


I love photography and I decided to do a website as a space to place some of my favourite images. So here we are. I am essentially self-taught with the help of a couple of online courses, good old You Tube and of course lots of practice.  

My passion is wildlife, especially bird, photography. My mission is to show people the incredible animals we share our small part of the world with and hopefully inspire people to protect what we have.

I love shooting in different types of weather and playing with natural light - nature does the rest in providing the colours and beauty. 

My images are always captured ethically, meaning keeping a respectful distance at all times, no altering the environment to get the shot, no use of call playback to get the bird to come in closer and of course no live baiting of worms etc...  If I don't get the shot, I don't get the shot. Simple.


Animals and their wellbeing always come first.

I have enjoyed fun photo shoots with friends and companion animals and would love to expand that portfolio. You can check out the Peeps and Pets album for examples.

I do sell my nature images for very reasonable prices and am working on my online shop. In the meantime if any of my images take your fancy please get in touch through the website or via email.

I really hope you enjoy looking through the images of my encounters with our unique and divine wildlife.  


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